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Article about what to do in New York for visitors from out of town

Every year I write a “travel story” for our at-show newspaper, Dental Tribune Today, which we publish on-site at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The article is meant for those who might be coming to the event from out of town and offers some sightseeing ideas.

Click below to see the article in a larger window. You can also read the article on the Dental Tribune website, by clicking here.

The 2019 Midwinter Meeting in Chicago

If it’s late February, that means a trip to Chicago for the annual Midwinter Meeting, held by the Chicago Dental Society. As part of the team of editors from Dental Tribune, I helped publish three issues of our at-show newspaper, called “today” — the last two of which were “live” issues that were printed overnight from on site.

My editorial assignments at the event included taking dozens of photographs for our photo gallery, a sample of which is shown directly below. An online version of the photo gallery is published to the Dental Tribune website (direct link here). I also attended a press briefing conducted by Henry Schein Dental and wrote an article (here), and I also attended the annual “Celebration of Smiles” event, held by America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation and wrote about that as well (article here).

Articles by Fred Michmershuizen

article by Fred Michmershuizen


We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, located directly across the street from McCormick Place. I arrived Wednesday afternoon, worked pretty much all day Thursday and Friday, and flew home on Saturday. There was no time for fun or sightseeing, but here is a picture I took looking out the hotel room window! It’s not the best view, but if you look closely you can see the Willis Tower:

Fred Michmershuizen

The 2018 dental meeting in New York City

The annual Greater New York Dental Meeting takes place the weekend immediately after Thanksgiving every year — which means those of us who work at Dental Tribune are quite busy. The event features educational classes and hands-on workshops for the thousands of dental professionals who attend from out of town, plus a four-day tradeshow for the latest products and technology. We publish four issues of our at-show newspaper, called “today” — two of which we put together “live” on site, which means home away from home this past week has been the Javits Center!

You can see all four issues of our daily at-show newspaper by clicking here. I took many of the pictures at the event, and I conducted a live interview with a company rep on site about a new product (link to my article here). Our post-show “meeting review” article and photo gallery is here. I am particularly pleased with the way the cover of Issue 3 turned out. If you click the image directly below it will open bigger:

Fred Michmershuizen personal website


This is such a big meeting that it’s “all hands on deck” for the four Dental Tribune editors, but we were short staffed this year because our group editor is out on maternity leave. After we finished our work for the paper, the three of us who were together for the work event attended the Tuesday night showing of “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway:

Fred Michmershuizen Dental Tribune

My ‘what to do in New York City’ article for this year’s dental meeting

The annual Greater New York Dental Meeting, which starts this coming weekend at the Javits Center in Manhattan, attracts visitors from across the country and around the world. Therefore every year I write an “out and about” article for visitors to New York from out of town, giving them some ideas on touristy things they can do.

I figured this year I would focus on sites of historical interest having to do with the American presidents, from George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant to Theodore Roosevelt.

The article was published on the Dental Tribune website (link here) — and it was also published in print, in issues 1 and 4 of our annual at-show newspaper, called “today.” If you click on the image of the article directly below, it will open bigger and you can read it:

Fred Michmershuizen Dental Tribune

Academy of General Dentistry meeting in New Orleans

Fred Michmershuizen work sampleI just got back from the annual meeting of the Academy of General Dentistry, which was held this year in New Orleans. Dental Tribune published two editions of our at-show newspaper, “today,” at the event. One issue was done in advance, and the other on-site. I photographed many of the meeting’s participants, including a couple of DMDs from Pennsylvania, pictured above, and also on the cover of the live issue, shown here. If you click on the image of the “today” cover it will open up as a PDF via Dropbox.

My article from the meeting is posted to the Dental Tribune site here.

The meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency. We stayed in a trendy new hotel in the warehouse district, and I walked to the meeting each day through Lafayette Square, which is named for the Revolutionary War hero Lafayette but has a statue of Henry Clay in the center. (I got terribly confused by this.) Also in Lafayette Square there is a much less impressive statue of Benjamin Franklin. After the meeting I also walked around in the French Quarter and Jackson Square. It’s nice to tack on a bit of sightseeing on these work trips.

Lafayette Square New Orleans
Statue of Henry Clay in Lafayette Square, New Orleans.
Lafayette Square, in New Orleans, is named for the Revolutionary War hero from France.
Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans. (Photo by Fred Michmershuizen)

Behold the latest issue of the root canal magazine

I’m managing editor of roots magazine (the r is intentionally lowercase) as part of my job at Dental Tribune. Here’s the cover the newest issue. Click to make it bigger:

Roots magazine Fred Michmershuizen

The image on the cover is a photograph by Dr. Craig Barrington, a dentist in Texas who has expertise in high-resolution photography of extracted teeth. He describes the image as “a diaphonized mesial root of a lower left second molar, showing the vascularity stained within the demonstration of the pulp canal system.” When I show this image to my friends who do not work in the dental industry, most are grossed out. Not me, I think it is fascinating. What do you think?

This issue also contains a letter and article I wrote as tribute the beloved Dr. Fred Weinstein, of Vancouver, British Columbia, who passed away recently. Dr. Fred was the editor in chief of roots, a dear friend, and I miss him so much.

If you click the pages they will open bigger and you can read the articles:

tribute to Dr Fred Weinstein


The complete issue is available on the Dental Tribune website here, but to get online access you have to subscribe. If you click through you can see many more of  my cover designs, many also with images from Dr. Barrington, who is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Chicago Dental Society’s 2018 Midwinter Meeting

I just got back from my annual trip to Chicago for Dental Tribune, where I covered the Chicago Dental Society’s annual Midwinter Meeting. We published three issues of our ‘today’ daily newspaper — one published in advance, two more live on site.

The night before the meeting started, I covered Oral Health America’s Annual Gala & Benefit at the Marriott Marquis. My article about the event is posted to the Dental Tribune website, link here. During the meeting I interviewed Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental (pictured above) about his company’s laser technology, article posted here. I also photographed dozens of company booths in the exhibit hall, and my photo gallery from the event is posted here.

We stayed at the Sheraton Grand. Here’s the view from my hotel room:

View from Sheraton Grand in Chicago

My coverage of the 2017 endodontic conference in New Orleans

Here are a few pages from the June 2017 issue of Endo Tribune, which includes my write-up and photographs from AAE17, the annual session of the American Association of Endodontists, held earlier this year in New Orleans. My article about AAE17 is published on the Dental Tribune website — direct link here.

While at the event, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Anne Koch and attend one of her lectures, in which she talked openly about undergoing a gender transition, which included gender confirmation surgery. My interview with Dr. Koch is published on the Dental Tribune website — direct link here.

I also interviewed Dr. Peter A. Morgan, president of the Foundation for Endodontics, about that organization’s recent volunteer outreach to provide dental care to residents of Treasure Beach, Jamaica. A direct link to that article is here.

The General Session featured a political discussion with local residents James Carville and Mary Matalin (pictured in the featured image above).

If you click on any of the pages below you can see them bigger:

Fred Michmershuizen Dr Ann Koch


Interview with Dr. Craig Barrington for Endo Tribune

Check out my interview with Dr. Craig Barrington on the cover of the December 2016 issue of Endo Tribune. If you click on the pages, they will open up bigger. As explained in the article, Dr. Barrington uses a sophisticated technique to take highly revealing photographs of human tooth anatomy. What do you think of the images? I find them fascinating.

The interview is also published on the Dental Tribune website — direct link here.

Dr. Craig Barrington